19471 - EASD#131 Adventures Program Furniture


Bidding Closed

Bid Date5/26/20 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Cordogan Clark & Associates

Sue Dralle   630 896 4678


East Aurora School District 131 Finance Department 417 5th Street Aurora, IL 60505

Instructions to Bidders


a. Bids shall be signed by an authorized officer or agent of the Bidder and submitted in an envelope properly marked with the title of the bid, and date and time of opening. Unsigned bids will be rejected.

b. Seal and deliver bid to the finance office on or before the time scheduled for the opening. Late bids will not be opened nor considered.

c. All bids shall be made on the provided Form of Proposal.

d. The District is not subject to Federal Excise Tax or Illinois Sales or Retailers Occupational Tax. Bids should not include sales or excise tax.

e. Bids for goods: Prices quoted shall include all charges for packing, transportation and delivery to the locations designated on the bid specification and installation if called for in the bid specifications. All risk of loss shall remain with the Bidder until proper delivery and acceptance by an authorized employee of the District. Return of nonconforming or damaged goods shall be at the Bidder’s sole expense.

f. Correspondence shall be addressed to the Architect.

g. Bids are available for inspection in the purchasing office by appointment for 10 days after the date of the award of an order.

h. Oral, telephonic, telegraphic, facsimile or electronically transmitted bids will not beaccepted.

i. For service bids that contemplate annual price increases: District 131 will be using the most recent percentage change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-All Urban Consumers) (January-December) to evaluate any increases in pricing. For any increase above this CPI %, the successful vendor(s) will have to justify in detail any additional increases to this pricing. District 131 is to be notified within 60 days of any product price increases or decrease.

j. Bidders are to refer to attached exhibits for furniture manufacturers, quantities, and product descriptions for the basis of their bids.

k. All bidders are required to submit and pay for a background checks for each and every onsite employee. Background checks must be performed on site, at the Kane County Regional Office of Education at 28 N 1st St, Geneva, IL 60134. No offsite fingerprinting is permitted by the Kane County ROE – no exceptions.

l. Accompanying the proposal is a Bid Bond or (Certified Check) as surety in the amount of not less than 10% of the Base Bid payable to the Owner, which it is agreed will be forfeited if the undersigned fails to execute the Contract in conformity with Specifications and Furnish Performance and Labor and Material Payment Bonds as specified within ten (10) days after notification of the award of the Contract to the undersigned